Brazil Uprising

Brazil, world’s fifth most populous nation has faced a major uprising in this fateful year, 2013. Just last month, the citizens of Brazil carried out huge scale demonstrations for everything ranging from corruption to increased prices and to the political rulers. It seemed as if Brazil had finally woken up.

About 800,000 people marched across the country in protest. The total population of this country is 194 million people approximately. It all started with small things like increased bus fares and increased prices of the basic necessities. What started out as a mild temper tantrum turned into a full fledged protest. The demonstrators chanted: “ The giant has awoken.” This was their slogan and a mild way to say that “enough is enough.” It seems that the Brazilians have been ignored for quite a while now but this year they snapped.

Police resorted to firing tear gas in Rio de Janeiro to remove the protesters. In Brazilia, the capital protestors tried to break into the foreign ministry where the security officers blocked them. Finally the army threw a security cordon around the building. What was strange and difficult for the police was the fact that this protest was leader less. There was no particular person behind this demonstration. They couldn’t find a person to punish or a person who could stop this.

Finally the protests died down a bit with president Dilma Rouseffs and other leaders’ promises and avowals to help. The president praised the Brazilians, understood their demands and introduced a new package for them. The bus fares were reduced and other highway costs were either suspended or the leaders promised to look into those. Some of the leaders even promised to sell their private helicopters and cut down their expenses so that more money could be spent on the civilians.

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