Journalists appeal to the UN for more protection

On July 17, 2013 AFP’s correspondent in Somalia : Mustafa Haji Abdinur and Ghaith Abdul Ahad, a foreign correspondent for The Guardian attended the United Nation Security Council meeting. Over there these journalists appealed for more protection for journalists.

They said that world leaders needed to do more to ensure the safety of journalists. Facts and figures were presented to the assembly to make sure that their point was being heard. Mustafa Haji Abdinur narrated that since the civil war began in Somalia 20 years ago, up to 60 journalists have been killed there. He, himself is referred to as “ dead man walking” for he is currently working there. Only last year there were 18 journalists who died in Somalian civil war, all because they were there at the wrong time in the wrong place doing their job. There is something very brutal about killing a person who has done nothing whatsoever against you. A person with a family is killed in these places because he is trying to do his job. Therefore , reporters and journalists need greater protection.

Ghaith Abdul Ahad was jailed in Libya and Afghanistan and he was also present at this meeting of the united nations. He said: “ It’s a sign that we’re doing our job properly if we’ve managed to piss you off. But there has to be some sort of balance. Just let us be there. Treat us as human beings. Just don’t kill us.” Through a combination of wit and by enlisting the facts these journalists got their message to the diplomats.

Another stressful fact is that over the last decade, more than 600 journalists have died on their jobs. The highest death rates were in Iraq, Phillipines, Algeria and Russia.

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