Myanmar releases all political prisoners by the end of this year

A nationwide ceasefire is in the air as the president of Myanmar, Thein Sein has promised to set all the political prisoners free till the end of this year.

On July 15,2013 in a speech in London, thein Sein promised that by the end of this year there will be no more political prisoners in Myanmar. All would be free and a special committee working up on these cases right now. Every case is being studied and death with by that special committee.

Ever since , thein sein became president in 2010, the state of Myanmar , also known as Burma has been releasing political prisoners. Before him, the state rarely acknowledged the existence and rights of these human beings. The reason behind their release is the new political reform going on in Myanmar.

These political reforms emerged because of increasing violence and neglect of human rights in Myanmar. A campaigning group, Avaaz held a demonstration outside the UK parliament when Thein sein went to visit the British prime minister. And all of them had one slogan raised : “ Cameron-Don’t Let Burma Become The Next Rwanda.” Rwanda was the 1994 genocide that killed hundreds of thousands people in African countries. This slogan was raised because Burma had a poor human rights record. There were all sorts oof vicious attacks going on there and people were deprived of their basic rights. To get those back, such campaigns and protests were launched.

So after sein became president he started taking care of the human rights issue by several steps. He said in a statement, released on his website that he had disbanded the security force which has previously violated the rights of Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State.

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