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Russians protest against the arrest of Alexei Navalnay

Alexei Navalnay was arrested for his outspoken criticism of the Russian government and president Vladimir Putin. He was released on bail the day after he was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment. He believes that the motives behind his imprisonment are all political rivalries and that the court conviction is wrong and unjust.

His release on bail came as a surprise and the court has ordered that he is still eligible to run for public office. But Navalnay has announced that he would withdraw his candidacy in protest to his conviction. He further said:” Regarding my participation in the elections, I am not some kind of a kitten or a puppy whom they first say it can’t participate in the elections and then they say, ‘Let’s release him for a while so he can participate in the elections.'”

One of the conditions of his bail is that he is not allowed to eave the Russian capital. The conviction on Navalnay stated that he had misappropriated $500,000 in a lumber deal and this had brought nationwide condemnation and even the united states have expressed their dislike for such a conviction.

Thousands of Russians protested in Moscow outside the Kremlin and also in central St. Petersburg. They were all against such a conviction and against the arrest of Alexei Navalnay. Even more than 200 protestors were arrested in Moscow which was not even authorized by the city ‘s authorities.

It seems that the Russians are heavily disappointed with the arrest of their leader and they want the government to repair this mistake. It also appears as if Navalnay’s assumption about political rivalry is true because the Russians and the US have declared the conviction wrong. Until now there is no news whether Navallnaay would reenter the Russian elections.

Samantha Powers- closer to becoming the new US Ambassador to the UN.

42- year old Samantha powers, a Harvard professor and renowned author is one more step closer to becoming the new US ambassador to the United Nations. She was nominated by America’s president, Barrack Obama and on Tuesday, July 23rd she came one more step closer to winning the position. The author of the famous bestseller books, this woman is on her way to bring marvelous changes in the world.

On July 17, 2013 powers testified before the senate foreign relations committee in Washington D.C. there she received almost unanimous support from the foreign relations committee and is likely to get a similar response from a full senate vote. She has been nominated to replace Susan rice as the 28th US Ambassador to the United Nations.

Samantha powers say that the UN’s security council’s inactive role in Syria was a disgrace. She promises to bring Venezuelan government to task. In her opening statement to the foreign relations committee she not only talked about United Nations but also spoke her mind on the Israel issue. She said: “ First, The UN must be fair. The UN cannot focus disproportionate attention on a few, while giving a pass to others flouting their international obligations.” She also said that there cannot be one code of law of one state and another for another state.. She holds the point that every state must be given an equal treatment. Furthermore she is of the view that Israel has been a friend for the united states, she says:”Israel is a country with whom we share security interests and even more fundamentally, with whom we share core values-the values of democracy, human rights and the rule of law.”

Powers promises that she would continue to work tirelessly for Israel and she would defend it against any unjust condemnations. Her future as a US ambassador does look strong.

Senate agrees to the Student Loan Deal

A group of bipartisan senators has reached a student loan deal that would lessen the interest rates on student loans till 2015.

Previously, US saw a lot of demonstrations from the students upon high interest rates on student loans. Their complaints were about high tuition costs and soaring interest on college loans which placed a lot of burden on many families.

Therefore the lawmakers met with president Barack Obama to discuss the issue at the Whitehouse. The deal is to offer lower interest rates to students through the year 2015. After that the rates could reach up to 8.25 percent for undergraduate students and 9.5 percent for graduate students and 10.5 percent of parents.

According to officials, this plan can save billions of dollars to 11 million families in the US. They are hoping to come to one agreement soon enough because families need to plan their finances well.

After a long and tiresome debate and weeks of arguments on this deal, the Senate finally approved the student loan deal with 81-18 votes. The liberal Democrats voted against this deal because they feared that this deal would make student loans even worse in the future. The agreement was reached but with a huge split between the democrats in the senate.

The bill goes something like this: 3.85 percent interest rate on all new undergraduate Stafford loans, 5.4 percent of graduate Stafford loans and 6.4 percent interest for parents and graduate students , this is actually for PLUS loans.

The Obama administration favors the deal but many senators including senator Elizabeth Warren voted against the bill. Her reasons for disapproval were:” I cannot support a plan that asks tomorrow’s students to pay more in order to finance lower rates today. We should be doing everything we can to invest in students and offer them the best deal we can on student loans.”

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